With Fos (light) and Fanaria (lantern)
FOS FANARI Proudly Sponsored by Sun, Wind and Mother Nature
It is Φῶς (Phos - Fos = Light)
Faros Fishermen's Village in SouthEast Ikaria Greece
Beach Bar
Cocktails, Local Wines, and Draft Beer

Beach Bar

On the waterfront under the local trees at Faros Village Beach in Ikaria. Breakfast, coffees, local specialties for lunch and after sunset a fantastic must live coctail lounge with Aegaean sea view, amazinging drinks / coctails and relaxing music...

Faros Village Ikaria

Secluded, Quiet, Picturesque ... Located on the furthest Southern East side of Ikaria Island, near the famous Thermal Springs, next to the airport and within walking distance from the most beautiful beaches of Ikaria.


Fresh Eggs (Omelettes and Fried), Homemade Marmalades and Freshly prepared Juices

Coffees, snacks, Ice Creams, Waffles and more

A Place made for friends and Families

During the Sunset

Lounge Beach Bar relaxing music, cocktails, Draft Beer, local specialities

Ikarian Gastronomy and more....

Fish soups from same-day-catch, local recipes such is Soufiko, Mousakas, Pasta and Pizzas, Local Beers and Draft Beer, and divine Ikarian wines

Just a Beach Bar

Relax and escape from reality at Ikaria Faros

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